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Sundry Products

Hayes Lignite Briquettes

Hayes Fuels Lignite Briquettes

Packed in a handy size 10kg bale which is wrapped and barcoded for your convenience. Hayes Lignite briquettes will burn into a fine ash and can be used in open fires or closed appliance stoves.

Hayes Heat Logs

Hayes Fuels Heat Logs

Made from compressed woodchip and sawdust. wrapped in a convenient bale of 12 individual logs. Hayes Heat Logs are easy to light, burn to a fine ash and provide a natural flame. Can be used in open fires and closed appliance stoves.

Hayes Turf

Hayes Fuels Turf

Packed in an easy to carry plastic bag which is both clean and convenient. Hayes turf is a natural Irish cut turf which will give the traditional turf effect and aroma. The product is ideal for open fires and multi fuel stoves.

Hayes Traditional Logs

Hayes Fuels Fire Wood Logs

Packed in an easy to carry net bag which will let the product dry out naturally. Hayes Logs will give the traditional wood fire effect, and are ideal for open fires, wood burners and multi-fuel stoves.

Hayes 20 litres Oil Drums

Hayes Fuels Turf

Designed for emergency use to ensure you are never caught out in the cold. Our drums are sold in most filling stations throughout Northern Ireland.

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